Thank you to everyone
who entered the Centenary
WEC Competition.

We asked our members what they love about engineering and the effort and quality that has gone into the entries is outstanding. To those who entered, we appreciate you taking the time to reflect on what you love about engineering.

Congratulations to the winners. You can read the winning entries below.

From blocks of raw materials to precision machines. Engineers are the sculptors of ideas. They take the needs of society, combine ingenuity and sleepless nights, to make dreams possible. They create new industries, heal the sick, educate the world and inspire creative pursuits. Engineering not only makes life possible, it makes the quality of life better.

Mark Hargreave, Canberra

I love engineering because engineering means more than just solving problems.

Engineering means communicating effectively and respecting others to achieve the best outcome.

Engineering means balancing the needs of the present with the needs of future generation.

Engineering means shaping the lives of others in ways they cannot imagine.

Engineering means integrity, competence, leadership and sustainability.

In the end people who practise engineering don’t just practise it, they embrace it and rise up to the challenge.

Zack Wong, Sydney

Engineering is making RAAF planes soar and mining drills bore, it’s letting us drink and making autonomous cars think, it’s letting structures rise and breeding sterile fruit flies, it’s controlling how tomatoes grow and creating power when winds blow, it’s designing artificial joints and razor sharp points, it’s building to plans and ground-breaking spans, it’s making submarines dive and our food bowls thrive, it’s storing power and putting it back when things turn sour, it’s the perfect pale ale and tracking a whale, it’s gazing at stars and hopefully manufacturing electric cars. Engineering in South Australia is all these things.

Simon Costanzo, South Australia

To me, engineering is where science meets society, because everything that we do, as engineers, in some way or other, affects people. Whether it’s designing and building a bridge, a silicon chip, a pump or a power station, or developing highly complex components used in medical surgery, engineers and engineering are at the forefront, yet quietly working in the background, to improve everybody’s lives.

I love that engineers have the ability to materialise other peoples’ dreams and aspirations, harnessing the power of innovation to enrich the lives of individuals as well as for the ultimate benefit of all mankind.

Gerry Hofmann, Western Australia

I love engineering because it’s about people. Engineers create new ways of doing things, new technologies, new environments and new opportunities to allow individuals and communities to live, work and play. Understanding and applying the laws of nature through science and mathematics is a thrill. From early times, in diverse communities, engineers around the world have led the way to improved living and live fulfilment. Climate change reflects how much we have achieved. It is our most demanding challenge. Communities the world over look to engineers for continuing creativity and leadership. Engineering, an exciting and fulfilling vocation.

Ian Beasley, Victoria

Engineering is the leading profession in allowing humanity to push the boundaries and to make the world a better place. Engineers are trained rational and targeted thinkers who bring to existence what could not be thought of. The varying nature of engineering projects prevents the art of engineering from ever becoming repetitive and boring. The thrill and joy an engineer feels after successfully finishing a project is unparalleled by other professions. Engineering is well respected in society bringing joy and fulfilment to us on rare occasions remembering our occupation. These and many more are reasons I love engineering.

Parham Ghasemzadeh, Newcastle

Being an engineer is like being a parent to a specific idea or concept. It’s not just the conceiving of the idea, but the nurturing, developing, supporting and defending of that idea to the stage that it has become resilient.

The engineer endures sleepless nights, tantrums, and rebellious teens, and experiences first steps, report cards and speech nights.

When it’s time, the idea gets a handshake, pat on the back and sent out into the world to meet its purpose.

And, inspiringly, it’s not the engineer who gets the pat on the back, it’s the engineer who gives it.

David Donohue, Queensland

I love the opportunities that engineering has afforded me – such varied, diverse and engaging situations where my skills are respected and can make a difference is just awesome. I have ploughed through the Southern Ocean, watching Albatross and icebergs enroute to study air emissions from incineration at Australian Antarctic Bases; I have worked alongside the most resilient and capable young national engineers in Aceh, rebuilding after the tsunami; I have served as a Director on the Board of RedR Australia, trained offshore gas pipeline personnel; and managed warehouse distribution in Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam…..and it won’t stop here!

Jo O’Brien, Tasmania

I love the People, Places and Things
Leonardo, Musk, Eiffel, and Mr Bean
Mars, Dubai and even Alice Springs
All matter, seen and unseen.

From the ear implant to Sydney’s bridge
From the microwave to the humble fridge
It’s everywhere – we love it – you ask why
So we ask you – do you like to fly?

Planes, Trains and Automobiles
All of this, and more reveals
Disastrous at worst, inspiring at best
Working in Engineering will put you to the test

Engineering what a marvel it is to see and do – I like it a lot – don’t you?

Daly Kelly, Northern 

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