Jocelyn Do


Civil Engineer


Jocelyn graduated from University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Engineers (Honours)(Scholar), majoring in Civil Engineering. She started her career at K.F Williams and Associates as an Undergraduate Engineer focussed on stormwater and subdivision design and civil drafting.

Jocelyn is now working on project management, superintendency, project costing elements of several subdivision projects and engaging with clients, local councils, and other disciplines as a Civil Engineer with Cardno in the Wollongong office. She has a passion for stormwater design and management to ensure a sustainable environment for the future.

Jocelyn is also the Co-Deputy Chair of Young Engineers Australia Illawarra.

How long have you been volunteering with Engineers Australia?
I have been volunteering for Engineers Australia for approximately six months, since I graduated from University of Wollongong in December, 2018. However, during my time in university I was involved and frequently attended EA events and workshops.

Why did you become a volunteer?
I became a volunteer because I felt a need to bring EA back to Wollongong, especially for young engineers for their transition into the professional workforce.

What do you enjoy most about being a volunteer?
Being a volunteer gives me the opportunity to meet new people in my profession as well as catching up with my old friends and colleagues. I am a part of a trusted and well-established engineering community in which every individual is very inspiring and talented. I have found it to be a great way to expand my network and support other professionals and young engineers.

What has been your greatest achievement in your time volunteering with Engineers Australia?
I just started out my volunteering journey recently. Greg Ewing, General Manager of EA Sydney Division, has been extremely helpful with giving us advice on setting up and planning Young Engineers Australia Illawarra. I would say our biggest achievement so far, as a group, would be re-establishing YEA Illawarra successfully.

How has your career informed your work as a volunteer?
My career as a Civil Engineer has helped a lot with organisation, time management, and interpersonal skills, which are essential to be a part of the YEA Illawarra Executives.

How do you balance work and volunteering?
Everyone spends their time and prioritises their day differently. It is important to plan ahead and properly to balance work, volunteering, and having some personal time for yourself.

I am in my early 20s, in a stage of life that I believe has the most energy and time to utilise effectively. Engineers Australia has allowed me to engage at meaningful level to the community and I cannot find a better way to spend my spare time outside of work.

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What would you tell other members who are considering becoming a volunteer?
It’s never too early or too late to take part. And you are never too old, too young, too far away, have too little time, too shy, or too busy either.

You’ll be surprised by the overwhelming amount of help that you will receive along your volunteering journey. And vice versa, you’ll be amazed by how much help, support, and contribution you can give towards the engineering profession and community.