Joanna Winslade

Structural/Civil Engineer

Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec RFP

Joanna Winslade is a Structural/Civil engineer who has gained experience in a wide array of structural and remote civil projects since graduation from Charles Darwin University (CDU) in 2013. Joanna works with Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec RFP (WGA RFP) in Darwin and has had many opportunities for growth within her career so far alongside her time within WGA. This includes work placements within water services and remote services within PWC and as a casual lecturer for CDU.

She also worked within the major projects team of The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics as an undergraduate on projects such as the TBD Duplication between Palmerston and Berrimah and the Berrimah Road Rail Overpass.

How long have you been volunteering with Engineers Australia?
As long as I can recall, I have been volunteering with Engineers Australia. I began with YEA at university and continued with WIE post-graduation.

Why did you become a volunteer?
I became a volunteer to build my professional networks, support the profession and have some fun with likeminded people.

What do you enjoy most about being a volunteer?
I most enjoy the amazing people that you meet volunteering as well as inspiring young people to consider STEM.

What has been your greatest achievement in your time volunteering with Engineers Australia?
My greatest achievement has been talking with high school students about opportunities within engineering, what engineers can do with their degrees and giving them the incentive that anyone can do it if they commit.

How has your career informed your work as a volunteer?
By being able to give practical examples of engineering and increasing my confidence in the things that I know.

How do you balance work and volunteering?
I work for an amazing company that is fully supportive of my role as a volunteer.

What would you tell other members who are considering becoming a volunteer?
Volunteering is rewarding in so many ways and what do you have to lose by giving it a go.

Image: courtesy of Joanna Winslade