Dr Bing Li



X. & L. Engineering

Dr Bing Li is a Charted Fellow of Engineers Australia. After her PhD in structural engineering, Bing has been working in the construction industry with various technical and management roles. She is now running her own consulting and training firm, X. & L. Engineering, supported by a group of outstanding engineers providing high quality professional services and nationally recognised training (RTO45430) as well as training development services to both government and construction contractors.

Bing’s experience covers a wide spectrum of areas, from rail to roads, from construction to digital engineering, from D&C contracts to alliance. “We deliver what we promise”, this is the Code of Conduct for Bing and the X. & L. Engineering.

How long have you been volunteering with Engineers Australia?
I have been volunteering with Engineers Australia since 2016. I am a member of the Victoria Division Committee.

Why did you become a volunteer?
The main drives for me to become a volunteer are to give back and to grow – giving the support, the opportunities and the nurturing that I’ve been receiving back to the community, and to the larger group of similar minds; growing when I work with other brilliant engineers and learn from them.

What do you enjoy most about being a volunteer?
I enjoy working with other great engineers who always open up my mind in the areas that I am not familiar with. I also enjoy being able to make a positive contribution to the profession.

What has been your greatest achievement in your time volunteering with Engineers Australia?
Getting actively involved in STEM, advocating for gender equality and mentoring are something I am always passionate about. I’m fortunate to get the opportunity of making connections with schools, universities, young engineers as well as industry leaders. It is very promising to witness people from different fields with different background working towards the same goal.

How has your career informed your work as a volunteer?
Even though my background is civil and structural engineering, throughout my career, I have worked on various engineering and management roles on different types of projects. This broader spectrum of experience has given me a wider angle of viewing things. It also gives me greater appreciation for support from others thus the desire to support others.

How do you balance work and volunteering?
Running my own consulting business doesn’t mean that I have super flexible work schedule. Sometimes it is the other way around. I am very lucky that my clients and colleagues are all very open and supportive to my volunteering work.

This enables me to prioritise key volunteering work. Also, we have fantastic Victoria Division leadership and staff. They are very practical and efficient, making sure our volunteers are not overloaded.

What would you tell other members who are considering becoming a volunteer?
As I mentioned, my two main drives are to give back and to grow. I truly believe that volunteering work is mutual beneficial for individuals and for the community. You get to know and to work with so many other great minds and get to make positive contributions. It is the type of experience that cannot exchange with other things.

Image: courtesy of Dr Bing Li