If anything is possible and you had unlimited time, money, help, and skill, what would you engineer?

1. Think it

Think about your life, and the life of people around you, and show us what problem you can solve, or what idea you can come up with to make life easier. It could be big or small, helpful or fun, or a mix of these.

2. Create it

Draw, paint, build, or design your idea. You could use paints, pencils, PhotoShop, the CAD program, cardboard, or lego. It could be as simple as a quick sketch or as detailed as a technical drawing.

3. Share it

Share your idea with us for a chance to win an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Make sure it’s a photo or file that is A3 sized, high resolution, and landscape format. Read our guidelines and FAQs for tips on how to take photos of your creations. Read our full T&Cs here.

Entries close 30 September 2019

The top five finalists will be exhibited in Melbourne at the World Engineers Convention 2019 – the Olympics of engineering.

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Colin Y

Aircraft improved safety, higher speeds, enhanced efficiency, better fuel-economy, and a significant reduction in harmful (greenhouse) exhaust emissions, would be achieved with a "hollow aeroplane".

Joseph C

I undertook the design & install of a rubbish collection device with a floating boom that rises with tide and stormwater inflow.

Natalie C

This invention was made to show a 3D perspective of our world in an environmentally friendly globe called the EFA.

Thisalmi D

I made this for people who can't walk. Its a Floaty whee l chair with remote and looking hole.

Luis C

Rubbish cleaning submarine to help cleaning our oceans from massive amount of existing rubbish and save our sea living environment and planet.

Rudolf R

With advances in lightweight materials and electronics, I would like to see this researched and put into a drone like craft that centrally attracts the air and discharges it through thrust ports.

Jason C

This project is a wireless health monitoring system that can detect all kinds of health issues not currently detectable in a wireless and non-contact fashion and alert the individual, emergency personal or general practitioners.

Alexander R

The problem was some times it is hard to find things in engines that go wrong. This creature will crawl in and tell you what is wrong and then fix it.

Ashur R

The pedal car is a car that doesn't burn fuel. It will help reduce global warming.

Bryn S

I created this to show that paraplegic people do not have to use wheel chairs in the future.

Isabel H

I created the Doglear to help prevent deaf dogs from hearing loss, I am deaf myself and had the Cochlear Implant 2 years ago and it changed my life.

Eva V

I have made this because there is always rubbish everywhere and it is not helping the animals or the environment.

Rasul S

I created this because i love animals and i don't want anymore to become extinct.

Anna S

A joint replacement (or should I say enhancement) system that uses bio-tensegrity principles to support unhealthy joints without the need to cut bone and hammer in replacements or fix/immobilise spinal segments.

Fook Sang C

The project is aimed to create a new agriculture system that covers less land surface and produces less greenhouse gas.

Peter A

A “Worldwide Solar Electricity Web” featuring the Australian, worlds’ best, underutilised “solar hotspot” where there’s enough solar energy to power the Planet thereby eliminating climate changing fossil fuel extraction and burning.

Amelie C

I created the asma-band too help people with tackling with asthma when the dust is in the air by creating a device which you can wear.

David M

Manned aerospace travel is restricted by g-loads on travellers.

Gordon D

I would like to great a system that uses uv or infrared radiation harnessed from the sun to break the bonds holding polymers together, returning them to hydrocarbons.

Rhys J

My idea to solve, in part, the problems raised, is harnessing the energy in flowing sewer networks and converting the mechanical energy through a proprietary generator.

Max L

I had this idea because it positively benefits businesses and climate change, which currently does not effectively coexist. This attachment/augmentation of the aircraft can allow it to go about its general purpose whilst simultaneously assisting in greenhouse gas issues.

Rhiannon H

The Checkout Trolley solves all of these problems for both the shopper and store owner. So that shopping is less time consuming and simplified.

Kiri M

My project makes use of the temperature gradient in desert sand, which absorbs a portion of the sun’s energy, to produce electricity by thermoelectric generation.

Paul E

Scantron is an electronic pair of binoculars, created to make it easy to view the stars, with an augmented display to identify what the user is looking at.

Shawn D

To reuse recycled bottles in a third world situation.

Jaspinder SD

This helmet offers safety to the head at a different level, providing safety establishing expandable foam and air bags when the rider faces an accident.

Tristan F

I was inspired to develop this invention from my physically impaired neighbour, he’s in a wheelchair, when he was struggling to check his postbox for mail.

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