If anything is possible and you had unlimited time, money, help, and skill, what would you engineer?

1. Think it

Think about your life, and the life of people around you, and show us what problem you can solve, or what idea you can come up with to make life easier. It could be big or small, helpful or fun, or a mix of these.

2. Create it

Draw, paint, build, or design your idea. You could use paints, pencils, PhotoShop, the CAD program, cardboard, or lego. It could be as simple as a quick sketch or as detailed as a technical drawing.

3. Share it

Share your idea with us for a chance to win an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Make sure it’s a photo or file that is A3 sized, high resolution, and landscape format. Read our guidelines and FAQs for tips on how to take photos of your creations. Read our full T&Cs here.

Got a question?
Read the Guidelines, FAQs, and Terms and Conditions for more information. If your question isn’t answered there, contact us.

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