If anything is possible and you had unlimited time, money, help, and skill, what would you engineer?

Entries closed for Create It Comp on 14 October 2019

The top five finalists will be exhibited in Melbourne at the World Engineers Convention 2019 – the Olympics of engineering.

1. Think it

Think about your life, and the life of people around you, and show us what problem you can solve, or what idea you can come up with to make life easier. It could be big or small, helpful or fun, or a mix of these.

2. Create it

Draw, paint, build, or design your idea. You could use paints, pencils, PhotoShop, the CAD program, cardboard, or lego. It could be as simple as a quick sketch or as detailed as a technical drawing.

3. Share it

Share your idea with us for a chance to win an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Make sure it’s a photo or file that is A3 sized, high resolution, and landscape format. Read our guidelines and FAQs for tips on how to take photos of your creations. Read our full T&Cs here.

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Create It Comp entries


Human ingenuity surely will soon allow us to PRINT WATER! Raw materials will be sourced from households - wastewater , waste, soil, air, sea-water – recycling resources efficiently.

Edward K

I have designed a teeth cleaner and checker. It has cameras and sensors that look for bugs and trapped food. It has automatic brushes to clean the teeth perfectly. It even rinses and spits for you.

Hieu L

By introducing black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae (BSFL), an environmental-friendly approach, it valorises the organic waste stream from the winemaking industry, which will be a nutritious feed source for both aquaculture and livestock industries.

Soroush S

The Automatic Drone Scanning Network is a network of drones designed to look for potential forest fires or bushfire by using cameras and sensors. They are used to scan the tops of trees to forest floors.

Bryce C

Monitoring the blood glucose levels of diabetic children is a difficult and extremely important task. The Smart Glucometer I've designed solves these problems.

Shelby S

I want to engineer fashionable jewellery that contains a micro anti-radiation emitter that continuously monitors the exposure to radiation and neutralises the radiation (similar to noise cancelling headphone technology).

Timothy S

My idea is to invent/develop living materials that have high strength properties, are non-perishable that can be produced/reproduced sustainably for the use as structural components of structures.

Zheng B

Australia is capable of providing over 100GW of solar, this totals more than $30m annually. Plentiful energy leads to industries and manufacturing being competitive.

Selim G

My invention the Tele-Band will transport people and objects to any destination instantly.

Rebekah R

My idea is to take a systems engineering approach to implement a national product sustainability lifecycle – incorporating the production, importation, sale and disposal. The result is a true three bin system that reduces waste and saves valuable resources for the future.

Bala MKB

The final frontier of Space exploration is colonization and construction is the first step towards it. To solve this problem, we create a central intelligence system (HIVE) that builds the structure once the design is approved.

Nasrin M

WasteWiser is a system that makes people produce less waste. It integrates smart Bins, smart Garbage Trucks and Waste Management Organizations (WMO).

Callum T

I am imagining and developing a range of smart products that use nano-satellite technology, which has never been used before, to deliver precision broad-acre farming.

James B

The ice caps are melting and it rarely snows at the poles. My concept is simple. Use a windmill to pump water to fine water sprays for the natural temperatures and winds to freeze the water, creating snow and building on the poles.

Marko B

A personal aerial vehicle (PAV) for daily commute and on-demand personal transportation. It features a quadcopter design with tilt rotors and

Millie E

A surfboard that stays balanced by itself. It has small solar panels at the back and front and wheels underneath that create renewable energy that charges to a battery.

Hillary P

SEN (Student Educator Network) sites would act as emergency classrooms and be equipped with satellite and AV technology to allow students to be taught by teachers all over the globe.

Alan S

Engineers should be trying to get governments to work together to ensure the lively hood of every Australian and the environment and fauna and the mainstay for everything is water however I alone can not solve this problem

John D

Possible Solution to Water Availability in NSW and Australia Generally. Capture the Monsoon Rains, Connect two Rivers to Lake Maraboon and Murray/Darling Basin see attached sketch.

Cheyne S

HAL is a mobile app that acts as an early warning system for health problems. All you need to do is simply take a selfie and the machine learning algorithm will take care of the rest!

Leena C

My design is made for scientists to study and for children and adults to watch and learn what is out at sea.

Nikhil C

The mouse climbs on the steps then it goes in the net and starts eating cheese. While the mouse is eating the cheese a camera is taking a video of the mouse.

Ethan K

I have designed a proof of concept novel urinary diversion device, which will increase the lifestyle of patients through its non-invasive design.

Peter E

This is a controller for a domestic air conditioner that minimises the cost of electricity by using the buying discretion afforded by the thermal storage in the house.

Jamie C

My invention is a combination of rocket boots, sports car, jet plane and taser glasses. The rocket boots help police fly and can transform into taser glasses to stop the crooks or a sports car to chase the crooks or jet plane to drop a net over the bad guys.

Dominik W

My invention would utilise the principle of noise cancellation directed in three dimensions, so that the desired effect would be directed at a specific location. A single audio wave would be inaudible by itself, however, standing in the specified area where the audio waves are combined would allow you to hear the audio.

Daniel E

Using present technology, design a program to be run on a computer that maps and displays the shape and orientation of magnetic fields in 3D. In particular it would be interesting to view the interaction between opposing magnetic fields with a view to help design better electric motors and anything that uses magnetic fields.

Elisabet S

There is a machine that can turn rubbish into paper. It’s about saving the planet, to stop throwing rubbish on the ground and to change the world.

Pia K

This rocket is for me to get to the moon. I have a drawn a moon, I have drawn eleven stars and a house and how to get up to the moon and I’ve adrawn a rocket ship and grass.

Daly K

The problem I solved is remote housing - particularly in developing nations. Using retrofitted storage containers for dwellings is not a new idea, however it has not yet been trialled on a mass scale. Containers are hardy, cheap to build, able to be transported easily, and freely available.

Sameeullah A

My project is a car toy for kids. It can be made into 10 different configurations for kids to play. So, Dad's doesn't have to buy 9 other toys for their kids.

Chelsea D

My idea is to make a watch that can let you fly and help you get fit. The watch runs off the sun so it will not make pollution. There are goggles with it.

Hugo P

Legbot: a wheelchair but it has robotic legs. It has safety features like sensors and legs designed to keep it level so it can climb up and down stairs. It can be programmed to climb into a standard car and it can cross the road safely.

Antonia K

Ana’s Aid is a personalised epi band. In case of an anaphylactic shock the device registers that the system is flooded with chemicals and instantaneously injects epinephrine. If paired to a phone, emergency contacts will receive a message.

Angel Z

Self-Operating Watering Hose: One end connects to a hose which is used to fill up the channel/giant tube. The small holes then slowly drip water onto the soil and plants. The sensors detect the water amount so that the plants don’t drown.

Hayeon K

Emergency Elevator Robot: My idea is to first make a robot and make a place where the robot could come out of the wall. Then the robot would come out and help people because if they have no battery in their phone, the robot can call people.

Veikoso I

I thought of an idea based on a machine which was like a wheelchair but was easier. There is a remote to control it, a foot pedal (also known as step go get in), a handrail for people who are old and off-road wheels.

Caitlin P

The robotic seagull will be programmed to sense rubbish on the sand rather than other people’s food. The boats tentacles will sense for rubbish in the sea but the boats mouth will sense for rubbish on surface of the sea.

Pri K

Cane Toads are a pest in Australia. This solution helps to limit the migration of cane toads by creating controlled areas that will filter out cane toads for ethical eradication using intelligent cameras integrated with intelligent barriers.

Cristiean B

I would like to create a “Plastic Reducer” (PR) in order to reduce the amount of plastic in landfill and the ocean more efficiently.The PR works by melting the plastics and using moulds to shape it into a variety of usable items. The PR is run by solar and wind energy.

Lucas B

By utilising the green space available near Alphington through 5 golf courses on the Yarra River, we can create 230 hectares of wetlands that provide public open space, water quality treatment, nature conservation, flood reduction, eco-tourism, and water recycling functions.

Rowan M

This mesh of micro-sensors identifies Focal Onset Seizures as they start and momentarily electrically isolates that section of the brain to prevent further spread.

Nicholas C

I have designed this Nano robot to help people affected by blood clots and blood cancer. To detect the clot and cancer the nanobot uses a wide variety of senses that include 360-degree sonar technology as well as many more.

Jeremy L

I made a Pollution Filter Drone because when I go to places like the city, there is smoke everywhere and I have to hold my breath. If this machine was made, it won’t only help me, it will help everyone because there are kids wearing masks who get sick from the pollution.

Samuel J

I designed the Micro Speaker which automatically connects to your phone via Blue Tooth when using a mobile phone.

Bawk L

I designed Food M because when ladies are pregnant, they can’t cook for themselves easily as their growing baby is kicking. So I designed Food M to make food for you.

Esther S

The Wheelwalker is a wheelchair and walker combined. It uses strong, robust and comfortable materials. It has a sensor that connects to your brain so you don’t have to press a button to get out.

Jemuel S

The Anti-Insect Akubra Hat was made so that on sunny days when you are out with your friends by the BBQ, you can relax without worrying about pesky insects.

Stephanie H

I designed the Answer Ice-cream because if you are stressed working out an answer to a question, you can just take a picture of the question and the answer will come.

Irene C

I designed the Automatic Cooker 101 because my Mum and Dad are always busy so they can’t cook. So I designed something that would cook for us. The features are an oven, a coffee maker, rice cooker and juice maker.

Marckus T

The Inflatable Church is a portable church that can be blown up with air and can be used anywhere where there is a large amount of space. It can be used anytime for church services, weddings and funerals.

Kilash MP

SpeechVision enables people with hearing impairment to hear. The technology combines speech recognition, sound localisation, and smart glasses technologies.

Kendra K

I came up with the idea of the Digital Drink Reminder and Alarm because most people in society do not drink enough water compared to their daily recommended intake.

Kristabelle K

If you are having a

Candice P

My design makes it very easy to quickly dispense a Band-Aid with using only one hand. After tearing the Band-Aid off the dispenser, all you need to do is to peel off the backing and apply it to your desired location

Conrad P

The mass production of traditional protein has numerous negative impacts on the environment. The system I have designed is a modular habitarium, to effectively grow grasshoppers for consumption, for use in commercial, industrial, domestic and workplace environments.

Ben R

By having all boat's soundars and GPS systems linked together, the soundar reading can be coupled with the GPS location and specific depths can be recorded. This will allow for much more accurate charts to be developed.

Clementine G

I thought of an idea that can protect your house from a bushfire. It is a system with pipes and a central controlling unit.

Dominic C

Timber energy structure structures: Electrical power from the grid is stored as elastic potential energy in large laminated timber beams. The energy thus stored is converted back to electricity at times of high electricity demand.

Oren Z

Based on the standard smoke alarm, this system doesn’t just detect smoke, it detects poisonous gases and has more features.

Jessica P

I created the Solar/Hydro Panel because it is a sustainable way of generating power using natural resources from the sun, snow and rain.

Allen Y

Search and rescue drone capable of long flight times. It is equipped with solar panels which allows it to recharge when out on a mission.

Sofia B

This watch will be a new way to save the lives of those who suffer from severe allergic reactions like anaphylaxis.

Abdul A

Imagine energy being produced from every renewable source available. The power produced is shared around the world via a smart global network.

Jamie B

I created this idea for the purpose of providing people with food without having to even leave the house.

Sandin J

I have created a pill that can replace a full meal, covering almost all of the necessary nutrients of any meal. Water is the only other item needed for the consumption of this pill.

David B

This is the perfect bag for camping trips with plenty of compartments to hold all of your camping gear with a built-in portable toilet where human waste is turned into compost.

Manny B

The dream journal is a diary that films, records, and stores all details that a person had dreamt. The sensors fitted in the journal detect wave frequencies ranged from 0.1Hz-10Hz.

Josie B

With my dark matter catcher we will be able to bring back a sample of this mysterious substance into a space science lab on earth to experiment with the dark matter.

Matt C

I would create an artificial pheromone that repels flies but does not harm environment, people and the flies. The distribution system needs to be odourless to humans and be able to be clipped onto clothing, hat or belt.

Alexandre C

My project is a research ship that goes into Antarctica with minimal environmental impact. Instead of breaking the ice, it mounts large ice sheets and runs over them.

Robert G

To improve the safety of electric scooters, I propose adding Bluetooth beacons at known hazards in areas of the city where electric scooters are popular.

Hugh M

Numerous cities have vast sprawl and include satellite cities. An airship could cruise high above the stressful traffic jams and dock atop tall buildings; either retrofitted or purpose-built.

Bill H

My design focuses on improving the acceleration of a model solar car without effecting the overall maximum velocity.

Jade R

This Earth Field is a planetary infrastructure which will envelope the world with a field to absorb, utilize and redirect the sun's energy. This is a different long term approach to solve the major problem of global warming.

Lucy K

This project helps people experiencing no water, get water through a shared 'transformer' that stores water and releases it when needed. This will help people living in thirld world countries to have a basic use of clean fresh water.

Rainer F

A friend at church is wheelchair bound with Parkinson's. She cannot go to the beach and and she lives so much het chair moves too. Wanted to get her another type of wheel that can let her go on the beach.

Rohan P

I created a bush fire rover to stop animals from getting extinct. The rover is fully sustainable and i was inspired by the global goal life on land.

Penelope D

The Backpack is not any ordinary backpack! It is a invention that has a removable phone and laptop, it has a weather clock and an inbuilt GPS. Is eco friendly because it is all charged by 2 mini solar panels on the bag straps.

Thomas B

I created this because I wanted to have an esky that I didn’t have to carry or pull around. If we went to some events I could bring it and ride it around, carrying some cool drinks and ultimately race it at go kart tracks or at home.

Erik J

Ambient Heat Energy Extraction (AHEE): Using modern heat-pump technology with a high COP (say 9); use the high and low temperatures resulting to power the heat pump.

Tam H

The engineering project envisioned is for the Australian Space Agency to send an autonomous submersible to Europa and explore for signs of life. This mission will be called PROJECT EVE (Earth Vehicle to Europa).

Anya D

I created a ‘Get What You Want Machine’ so that you don’t have to pay money and go to the shops to get what you want. It can also create things that you may not be able to buy at the shops.

Amon O

I created a Marshmallow Machine to help us primary school students get our fix of Marshmallows. I was inspired to engineer this machine after I read the 13 Story Treehouse.

Chloe W

The way we can reduce the amount of wasted energy is a phone that will start charging as soon as it’s connected to a wifi network. It will save on electricity as you wouldn’t need multiple chargers for devices.

Dilan W

Road Crossing Machine: You walk on to the platform. There's a motion sensor. After that it swings around and lands on the other side of the road.

Martin C

INTERSTELLAR CRUISER: To secure the survival of our species, mankind seeks to colonise the nearest habitable planet – a journey of 371 years.

Audrey B

This fabric maker creates textiles from post-consumer waste, mainly plastic and organic sources.

Wei-Yu C

The idea of the future road is, all vehicles are connected to the internet and the routes will be configured by the central control system. With all the vehicles and the system will have a real-time transmission, the system could assign the best way for all vehicles thus and lead to less traffic and less accidents.

Larry K

AQWA-LINE CONCEPT: Construct Freshwater Arteries, North-South, to alleviate drought.

Brian K

We need more water, especially in SA. Thousands of GL of fresh water pour out of Tasmanian river mouths annually. This water could be pumped to the mainland where it is needed, by means of a large diameter, thin walled flexible pipeline containing a series of non-return valves.

Sai Krishna R

The amount of e- waste can be sorted according to serial number and get valuable products like gold, hard plastics and etc. to generate circular economy and reduce waste transporting to landfill.

Mia P

This 30cm2 box can hold up to 6 devices. It is designed to block and absorb electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency. Imbedded within its walls is a copper and aluminium alloy which has radiation blocking and absorbing properties.

Tyson P

The Reverse Cow strives to provide authentic meat from inert materials. It is the pinnacle of sustainable agriculture for our planet and future planets.

Allan S

The entry is a rendered CAD model of an arm wrapper device that makes bandaging of arms easy and hassle-free.

Caroline B

The portable animal tablet (PAT) has an in-built registry where in just a click of a button you can determine the species of animal you’re looking at.

Pearl G

This is Drug DED - Drug Extraordinaire Detector. This unique invention features a built in sensor ranging up to 100m with discreet looks and fingerprint ID. here are two versions of this model – car and household.

Lachlan D

This all terrain vehicle can go anywhere on land, it can also go in the sky and water. It collects plastic and turns it into oil to be used in marine vehicles.

Willow RC

I designed this bin so people can recycle their food scraps and re-use them to put compost on their plants so they can eat again and not be wasteful to resources.

Alby B

My invention is a knee brace for people suffering from Cerebral Palsy. With the complete message, this brace allows the person suffering from Cerebral Palsy to move more freely.

Andrew P

The miniature removable wireless Collective Consciousness Reality forehead projection screen, was subsequently created with the express intent of providing all users with inherit capabilities of real time virtual functionality without the need for a bulky, awkward and limited interface.

Matilda H

I have designed a bin robot. It has big, strong wheels to drive on sand. They can pick up rubbish in their robot hands and put it in the front opening.

Subrata C

I have produced a BioReactor design to bio-annihilate hydrocarbon molecules in oilfield drill cuttings by microbial activity in a controlled ecosystem.

Yasith K

The contribution of the project by this novel design of staircase is to save about 90% of the space which is required by a conventional spiral staircase.

Matthew L

The ‘Wallflex’ aims to be an example of these new-age prosthetics, presenting a fully bioresorbable stent system that naturally stretches and restores the oesophageal tract after an esophagectomy.

Neil P

The concept is a device that assists with your emotional self-awareness, by recognising patterns and indicating your behaviour and its source.

Hannah T

I created the water maker for people in drought around the world therefore meaning they get water and their circumstances are relieved. This device works by gathering in hydrogen and oxygen from air which then gets compressed into water.

Kenneth D

Given unlimited resources and unlimited help, I decided to drought proof Australia by developing a method of cracking carbon dioxide and using the funds generated from the sale of oxygen on the International market to fund the project.

Zola B

Problem: people nowadays are too busy and they need to do a lot of things but they have a very limited time. Solution: Create a

Neil A

My concept would allow neutron scattering techniques to be made small and affordable like UV/Vis and NMR.

Colin Y

Aircraft improved safety, higher speeds, enhanced efficiency, better fuel-economy, and a significant reduction in harmful (greenhouse) exhaust emissions, would be achieved with a

Joseph C

I undertook the design & install of a rubbish collection device with a floating boom that rises with tide and stormwater inflow.

Natalie C

This invention was made to show a 3D perspective of our world in an environmentally friendly globe called the EFA.

Thisalmi D

I made this for people who can't walk. Its a Floaty whee l chair with remote and looking hole.

Luis C

Rubbish cleaning submarine to help cleaning our oceans from massive amount of existing rubbish and save our sea living environment and planet.

Rudolf R

With advances in lightweight materials and electronics, I would like to see this researched and put into a drone like craft that centrally attracts the air and discharges it through thrust ports.

Jason C

This project is a wireless health monitoring system that can detect all kinds of health issues not currently detectable in a wireless and non-contact fashion and alert the individual, emergency personal or general practitioners.

Alexander R

The problem was some times it is hard to find things in engines that go wrong. This creature will crawl in and tell you what is wrong and then fix it.

Ashur R

The pedal car is a car that doesn't burn fuel. It will help reduce global warming.

Bryn S

I created this to show that paraplegic people do not have to use wheel chairs in the future.

Isabel H

I created the Doglear to help prevent deaf dogs from hearing loss, I am deaf myself and had the Cochlear Implant 2 years ago and it changed my life.

Eva V

I have made this because there is always rubbish everywhere and it is not helping the animals or the environment.

Rasul S

I created this because i love animals and i don't want anymore to become extinct.

Anna S

A joint replacement (or should I say enhancement) system that uses bio-tensegrity principles to support unhealthy joints without the need to cut bone and hammer in replacements or fix/immobilise spinal segments.

Fook Sang C

The project is aimed to create a new agriculture system that covers less land surface and produces less greenhouse gas.

Peter A

A “Worldwide Solar Electricity Web” featuring the Australian, worlds’ best, underutilised “solar hotspot” where there’s enough solar energy to power the Planet thereby eliminating climate changing fossil fuel extraction and burning.

Amelie C

I created the asma-band too help people with tackling with asthma when the dust is in the air by creating a device which you can wear.

David M

Manned aerospace travel is restricted by g-loads on travellers.

Gordon D

I would like to great a system that uses uv or infrared radiation harnessed from the sun to break the bonds holding polymers together, returning them to hydrocarbons.

Rhys J

My idea to solve, in part, the problems raised, is harnessing the energy in flowing sewer networks and converting the mechanical energy through a proprietary generator.

Max L

I had this idea because it positively benefits businesses and climate change, which currently does not effectively coexist. This attachment/augmentation of the aircraft can allow it to go about its general purpose whilst simultaneously assisting in greenhouse gas issues.

Rhiannon H

The Checkout Trolley solves all of these problems for both the shopper and store owner. So that shopping is less time consuming and simplified.

Kiri M

My project makes use of the temperature gradient in desert sand, which absorbs a portion of the sun’s energy, to produce electricity by thermoelectric generation.

Paul E

Scantron is an electronic pair of binoculars, created to make it easy to view the stars, with an augmented display to identify what the user is looking at.

Shawn D

To reuse recycled bottles in a third world situation.

Jaspinder SD

This helmet offers safety to the head at a different level, providing safety establishing expandable foam and air bags when the rider faces an accident.

Tristan F

I was inspired to develop this invention from my physically impaired neighbour, he’s in a wheelchair, when he was struggling to check his postbox for mail.

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