If anything is possible and you had unlimited time, money, help, and skill, what would you engineer?

Wayne Peel

Thank you for participating as a judge in Create it Comp!

Finalists – Engineering Students and Graduates

Finalists – Professional Engineers

Finalists – Other Adult

Shelby S

I want to engineer fashionable jewellery that contains a micro anti-radiation emitter that continuously monitors the exposure to radiation and neutralises the radiation (similar to noise cancelling headphone technology).

Nasrin M

WasteWiser is a system that makes people produce less waste. It integrates smart Bins, smart Garbage Trucks and Waste Management Organizations (WMO).

Audrey B

This fabric maker creates textiles from post-consumer waste, mainly plastic and organic sources.

Anna S

A joint replacement (or should I say enhancement) system that uses bio-tensegrity principles to support unhealthy joints without the need to cut bone and hammer in replacements or fix/immobilise spinal segments.


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