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Teacher Resources

If you’re a teacher and you’d like to run some activities in your classroom that encourage students to enter, we have developed some resources to help. There are activity ideas that span from lower primary to middle high school years. Click the links below to download the resources:

Teacher information and resources

Lesson ideas and activities

Finish the 3D shapes (primary, upper primary)
Mash-ups worksheet 1 (primary, upper primary)
Mash-ups worksheet 2 (upper primary, early secondary)
3D drawing practice 1 (lower primary)
3D drawing practice 2 (primary)
3D drawing practice 3 (primary)
Technology stack worksheet (upper primary, secondary)

Entry permission form – competition entry requires parental or guardian permission. If you’d like to submit your students’ entry, you need to seek permission, so we’ve created a form that will hopefully help. Alternatively, you can use one from your school. You don’t need to submit the permission form with the entry, however we will ask to see the permission form should one of your students be chosen as a finalist.

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