If anything is possible and you had unlimited time, money, help, and skill, what would you engineer?

Professor Graham Durant

Thank you for participating as a judge in Create it Comp!

Finalists – Primary School

Clementine G

I thought of an idea that can protect your house from a bushfire. It is a system with pipes and a central controlling unit.

Oren Z

Based on the standard smoke alarm, this system doesn’t just detect smoke, it detects poisonous gases and has more features.

Chloe W

The way we can reduce the amount of wasted energy is a phone that will start charging as soon as it’s connected to a wifi network. It will save on electricity as you wouldn’t need multiple chargers for devices.

Willow RC

I designed this bin so people can recycle their food scraps and re-use them to put compost on their plants so they can eat again and not be wasteful to resources.

Finalists – High School

Nicholas C

I have designed this Nano robot to help people affected by blood clots and blood cancer. To detect the clot and cancer the nanobot uses a wide variety of senses that include 360-degree sonar technology as well as many more.

Conrad P

The mass production of traditional protein has numerous negative impacts on the environment. The system I have designed is a modular habitarium, to effectively grow grasshoppers for consumption, for use in commercial, industrial, domestic and workplace environments.

Rhiannon H

The Checkout Trolley solves all of these problems for both the shopper and store owner. So that shopping is less time consuming and simplified.

Tristan F

I was inspired to develop this invention from my physically impaired neighbour, he’s in a wheelchair, when he was struggling to check his postbox for mail.


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