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We’ve all heard the saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. But engineers – and we as the voice of the profession – know there’s more to it than that. Engineers meet the immediate need — but they don’t stop there. They are not constrained by existing ideas of what’s possible. They look ahead and find a way. And the results Innovations that have driven human progress and enriched our lives in ways no-one could have imagined 100 years ago. Driven by a sense anything is possible, engineers have shaped our world.

Anything is

In 2019 Engineers Australia will be celebrating its Centenary, this is a significant milestone for our organisation and a chance to stress the critical role engineering plays in the lives of all Australians.

A centenary is time to take stock. To look back and marvel at our accomplishments. Engineers have helped transform the world: who in 1919 would’ve imagined where technology would be today?

The centenary is a time to look around and appreciate our successes. Today, engineering is an internationally-respected profession, integrally involved in every field of human endeavor, from massive civil infrastructure projects to biomechanical engineering. And the centenary is a time to look forward and imagine our future. It’s a springboard for the next century; continuing our legacy of supporting human progress. And continuing to expand the boundaries of what’s possible.


In our centenary year, we will have a yearlong program of activity that explores this distinctive and sustaining mindset of our profession; the notion that ‘anything is possible’.

These activities will:

Excite our members
Engage the media
Celebrate our volunteers
Educate future engineers
Captivate the engineering community
Inform the public

The Icon of
our Centenary

In keeping with the theme, all centenary activities will be branded ‘Anything Is Possible’.

This umbrella branding will appear with the centenary logo and will feature on all promotional materials.

A style guide including logo use and messaging will be provided to all divisions and key stakeholders to assist with its implementation across the business.

The theme and logo are the thread that tie centenary activities together. They are a strong visual differentiator and instantly convey the significance of our centenary year.

Why this?
A strong visual differentiator that ties different activities together and conveys the significance of the year.

What’s possible?
All centenary activities to be branded ‘Anything Is Possible’, alongside the centenary logo

Key audiences:

A Celebration
of Service

To celebrate and recognise the important role our volunteers play, we will seek out their stories from around the country and highlight the contribution and impact they have made to Engineers Australia and the profession over the last 100 years.

We will work with the divisions on developing volunteer celebrations in each of our offices during National Volunteers Week (May 2019).

We rely on volunteers for their thought leadership, strategic advice, technical expertise and connections. Our centenary is a time to formally thank volunteers, to recognise their efforts and to highlight the benefits of involvement to potential volunteers.

Why this?
A microsite showcasing the stories of volunteers, plus thank-you events in Divisions during National Volunteers Week.

What’s possible?
A way to formally thank volunteers and highlight benefits to potential volunteers.

Key audiences:
Volunteers, Divisions

Engaging with
our Members

Our divisions, colleges and technical societies manage rich events programs for their members and the wider engineering community. We will work with divisions and learned societies teams to help these groups incorporate the centenary theming into their 2019 program.

We will create a centenary event toolkit that will include topic and format options for events, potential speakers, centenary branding assets and promotional ideas. The toolkit will help all staff in conversations with committees to plan events for 2109, ensuring that we have a full calendar of events across the country focusing on our centenary theme.

Why this?
A practical way to help divisions directly engage members and committees with the centenary.

What’s possible?
An event toolkit to help divisions incorporate centenary themes into their 2019 events program.

Key audiences:
Divisions, Members

Connecting on
Social Media

In addition to centenary branding, our social media channels will showcase 100 posts on the past, present and future of engineering in Australia across the 2019 calendar year. This initiative will leverage the assets created for the centenary publication and create along with other sources, and will feature video, graphics and image-based content.

Our social media channels, particularly Facebook and LinkedIn, have a broad and engaged following.

Our communication channels must present consistent messaging as it relates to the centenary, and can also be used to promote our other 2019 activities.

Why this?
100 posts on the past, present and future of engineering in Australia.

What’s possible?
A way of engaging our social media community in the centenary and to leverage other centenary content assets.

Key audiences:

Create branding and
content themes

Throughout 2019 create magazine and create digital will showcase the centenary theme in various ways, focusing on stories and video content relating to the past, present and future of engineering in Australia.

As our flagship magazine, create is the ideal vehicle for exploring centenary themes in depth. It’s also important the magazine, create digital and its social media channels feature the centenary branding and consistent messaging as per our other channels.

Why this?
An ideal vehicle for exploring centenary themes in greater depth.

What’s possible?
Centenary branding on cover of each 2019 issue, along with a centenary theme for key stories.

Key audiences:
Members, Divisions, engineering community, volunteers, future engineers

World Engineers

The world’s pinnacle engineering summit, the World Engineer Convention (WEC), will be held in Melbourne in November 2019.

As the hosting organisation, we will create a cohesive and memorable conference that brings to life our centenary theme, with a program boasting both historical depth and an exploration of future possibilities.

Hosting the WEC in 2019 will shine the international engineering spotlight on Australia.

Why this?
A chance to shine the international spotlight on Australia and to leverage other centenary activities.

What’s possible?
A cohesive and memorable conference that boasts historical depth whilst exploring future possibilities.

Key audiences:
Members, national and international engineering community, future engineers, national and international media, Melbourne general public.

Engineering Heritage
Centenary Publication

Engineering Heritage Australia is publishing a compilation of 100 advances in Australian engineering; 100 stories celebrating engineering’s contribution since 1919.

The limited edition, hard copy publication will be accompanied by digital content available for on-line and social media channels.

From the stump jump plough to the Snowy Mountains Scheme, this book will be a celebration of our rich engineering heritage.

Designed to appeal to engineers and non-engineers alike, the publication (and accompanying microsite) will be a content-rich resource with widespread distribution and promotional opportunities.

Why this?
A limited edition, hard copy publication (and accompanying microsite) showcasing 100 stories of engineering’s contribution since 1919.

What’s possible?
A celebration of our rich engineering heritage, this content-rich resource will appeal to engineers and non-engineers alike.

Key audiences:

National Arboretum
Freefall Installation

Fundraising has begun to fund the construction of the Freefall installation, Queensland firm, Bligh Tanner’s design inspired by the Australian engineering achievement, the Cochlear Implant, at the National Arboretum in Canberra.  

Initially a Canberra Division initiative, the Board agreed to seed funding to take the project to the design approval stage.  Fundraising through philanthropic and corporate channels has begun using internal and volunteer efforts.

Why this?
The freefall installation will provide a lasting legacy as well as a future-proofing opportunity to the Institute.

What’s possible?
An interactive installation that incorporates a viewing platform to take in the Freefall Pin Oak Forest at the Arboretum, also fittingly known as the Engineers Forest.

Key audiences:

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