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In 2019 Engineers Australia celebrates its Centenary, this is a significant milestone for our organisation and a chance to stress the critical role engineering plays in the lives of all Australians.

A centenary is time to take stock. To look back and marvel at our accomplishments. Engineers have helped transform the world: who in 1919 would’ve imagined where technology would be today?

The centenary is a time to look around and appreciate our successes. Today, engineering is an internationally-respected profession, integrally involved in every field of human endeavor. And the centenary is a time to look forward and imagine our future. It’s a springboard for the next century; continuing our legacy of supporting human progress. And continuing to expand the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our World

We’ve all heard the saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. But engineers – and we as the voice of the profession – know there’s more to it than that. Engineers meet the immediate need — but they don’t stop there. They are not constrained by existing ideas of what’s possible. They look ahead and find a way. And the results Innovations that have driven human progress and enriched our lives in ways no-one could have imagined 100 years ago. Driven by a sense anything is possible, engineers have shaped our world.

A Celebration
of Service

To celebrate and recognise the important role our volunteers play, throughout the year we will share stories from around the country and highlight the contribution and impact our volunteers have made to Engineers Australia and the profession over the last 100 years.

We rely on volunteers for their thought leadership, strategic advice, technical expertise and connections. Our centenary is a time to formally thank the volunteer community and recognise their efforts.

Events Program

Our divisions, colleges and technical societies manage rich events programs for our members and the wider engineering community. We will work with divisions and learned societies teams to help these groups incorporate the centenary theming into their 2019 program.

We invite you to join us at a location near you.

Event Listings

Look for the Centenary branded events.

World Engineers
Convention 2019

Engineering a Sustainable World: The next 100 years

World Engineers Convention 2019 will be held in Australia, the home of iconic engineering projects from the Sydney Opera House to the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric scheme.

Hear national and international speakers reflect on the legacy of engineering achievements over the past 100 years — and define the future of engineering disciplines for the next 100 years . At this event, co-hosted by Engineers Australia and the World Federation of Engineering Organisations, you’ll build networks with leaders in global engineering practice.  All while enjoying the natural beauty and quality of life for which Australia is world-renowned.

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